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HAOK Zagreb (Croatian Academic Volleyball Club Zagreb) is a women’s club for all age groups.

The club operates in several districts in Zagreb: Trnje, Novi Zagreb and Trešnjevka. Members of the club are from the wider area of ​​City of Zagreb: Borovje, Savica, Folnegovićevo naselje, Sigečica, Sloboština, Maksimir, Centar, Ljubljanica, Kajzerica, Utrine, Dugave, Zapruđe, Medvedgrad, Središće and Pešćenica. We teach in the sports halls of Borovje Elementary School (Borovje-Trnje), Ivo Andrić Elementary School (Sopot-Novi Zagreb) and Pongračevo Regional School (Trešnjevka).

In the 19 years since its founding, more than 3,000 girls have passed through the club. The players are divided into 7 competing teams that compete in the 1.B Croatian Volleyball League (North) made up of the club's best players, in the 3rd Croatian Volleyball League (West) played by the development team which prepares young players for the future in the first team and at the championships of all younger age categories of City of Zagreb (mini U11, small U13, younger cadets, cadets, juniors) and Croatia.

The idea of ​​the club is to enable as many children as possible to play this beautiful sport so we are expanding our volleyball school every year. Our priority is to constantly improve the quality of work.

In addition to coaching girls, the club launched a universal volleyball school for girls and boys aged 3-6 called "Limači odbojke", which is the first small volleyball school of a kind for that age in Zagreb and Croatia.

From the earliest age of the child, we try to gradually reach the quality and results for the later age and thus take care of long-term sports development.

Our goal is to achieve better results every year both at the city and country level.

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Jarnoviceva 17 G, 10000 Zagreb
+385 91 6552 874